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Great quality net pots are thicker and more heavy-duty than most on the market. These will last for years and can be reused many times. Smaller mesh allows the grower to use virtually all types of grow media. Perfect for Expanded Clay or Coco Coir.

2 Inch Net Pot

3 Inch Net Pot

5 Inch Net Pot

Hole Saw

net-pot hole cutter

Easily make holes of any size for your net pots in just about any material.

18 piece hole saw set. Cuts all of these sizes: 3/4 in., 1 in., 1-1/8 in., 1-1/4 in., 1-1/2 in., 1-3/4 in., 2 in., 2-1/8 in., 2-1/2 in., 3 in., 3-1/2 in., 4 in., 5 in.

Cut rounded holes in wood, plastic, PVC and ABS with this hole saw set! The set cuts to a depth of 1 in.. Features include a black oxide finish to prevent rust and pilot bit with a 135 degree split point for fast, skate-free penetration! With this powerful hole saw set, you�ll be able to drill large diameter holes quickly and efficiently.

  • Cuts to a depth of 1 in.
  • Pilot bit with 135� split point for fast, skate-free penetration
  • Black oxide finish to prevent rust
  • 6 - 7 teeth per inch

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    Coconut Coir Net Pot Growing Medium

    coconut coir brick

    Coconut Coir is a sustainable and rapidly renewable alternative to expanded clay. Use coconut coir anytime you would otherwise use expanded clay. The fibers used in coconut coir are found between the internal hard shell and the outer coat of the coconut. The microscopic coconut husk fibers resemble hollow straws which means that they can absorb and hold about 8 times their weight in water. Air circulates in the space between the fibers so that the coir remains light and does not become soggy when wet.

  • There are many benefits to using coconut coir instead of expanded clay or peat moss:
  • Coconut coir is free of bacteria and fungal spores so it will not introduce diseases into the garden or greenhouse.
  • It is easy to hydrate and retains moisture in quick draining soil.
  • Has a pH of between 5.6 and 7.8. This pH allows plant roots to easily absorb nutrients.

    One brick is enough for many net pots. The brick is compressed and feels hard. You simply break of how much you want, put it around your plant in the net pot, then moisten and it gets soft.

    Our preferred choice is coconut coir rather than expanded clay.

    Coconut Coir - free shipping

    Coconut Coir Planting Medium

    Hydroponic Gardening Medium Grow Rock - Expanded Clay Pellets

    expanded clay pellets

    An incredibly resourceful growing material, is derived from clay. Clay itself is renewable and plentiful making ViaStone a premium growing medium due to its ecologically sustainable quality. Use expanded clay virtually anywhere: the greenhouse, in propagation systems, for outdoor gardening, around shrubs and trees, as compost aeration, or as a hydroponic growing medium.

  • pH neutral, porous, lightweight and reusable
  • Accelerates blooming and maturing
  • Pellets drain freely without holding excess water
  • Provides high oxygen levels around the root, especially useful in a flood and drain hydroponic systems
  • If you like hydroton and leca stone, you will love this product

    Expanded Clay Pellets - free shipping

    Expanded Clay Pellets

    PH testing and adjusting kit - Hydroponics Organic

    ph tester

    The Complete pH Testing and Adjusting Kit comes with a pH Test Kit and Crystal pH Up and pH Down. Drops are reliable and simple to use to give an accurate pH reading of your fertilizer solution or reservoir. Fill the test tube about halfway with the solution you are testing, then add a few drops of the pH test indicator and observe the resulting color. Red (acidic) indicates that the pH is too low, blue (alkaline) indicates that the pH is too high, a yellow to a yellow-green indicates an ideal pH. Add the Adjusting Crystals as needed to lower or raise pH.

  • Comes with a pH test kit, crystal pH up, and crystal pH down
  • pH testing drops are reliable and simple to use
  • Red (acidic) indicates that the pH is too low
  • Blue (alkaline) indicates that the pH is too high
  • Yellow to a yellow-green indicates an ideal pH
  • Add the Adjusting Crystals as needed to lower or raise pH

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